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Our Services

Our Drug Testing Services In Joliet, IL

Approved Collection Site for the N.A.S.A.P program

(Three Rivers Safety Council)

Medical Chicagoland Drug Testing FAQ

D.O.T Drug Screens, Pre-employment, random, return to duty.

We can help you administer the federally mandated drug testing programs for all operating administrations of the D.O.T.  We will help you ensure a safe and drug free workplace to keep you in compliance with D.O.T regulations. You will always receive prompt and secure results. 

NON D.O.T Drug Screens, Pre-employment, random, return to duty.

NON DOT Drug Screens

D.O.T & NON D.O.T Breath Alcohol Tests

Instant Drug Tests:

Using various immediate response testing products, we can identify negative or positive specimens in as little as three minutes.  

(Ask us about adding this service to your program).  All test are sent to a lab for a confirmation test.


Court Ordered Drug Tests Hair and/or Urine Testing


Respiratory Medical Clearance and Maskfit

Testing completed at our collection facility with random testing completed onsite at each companies' facility, a savings in both Time and Money.


Third Party Administrator (TPA) for companies and consortiums

We can help you initiate a drug free workplace with assistance in policy, procedure, management and collection of the specimen both in federally mandated programs and non-mandated programs.

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Are you tired of paying your employees to sit and wait at the drug testing clinic?


Why Drug Test?


1. Candidates that are drug-free have a lower turnover, reducing hiring and training costs.
2. A well-publicized pre-employment drug testing program will "pre-screen" unwanted job candidates.
3. Drug-free employees have fewer health problems, creating lower health costs.
4. Drug abusers create worker's compensation claims at more than twice the level of non-abusers.
5. Drug abusers are four times more likely to injure a fellow employee.
6. Employee theft is a significantly greater problem with drug abusers.

The drug user is 3 times more likely to be injured on the job or injure someone else.  The drug user is 2.5 times more likely than any other employee to be absent or late to work,with an average 20-35 days in a years time.  The drug user is 5 times more likely to file a workman's compensation claim. The drug user is 7 times more likely to have wages garnished.  The drug user has 2.5 times more auto accidents.

Marijuana is the number one cause of accidents in the workplace.Almost 26 million Americans (13% of the population) used marijuana,cocaine or other illicit drugs at least once in the past year.  Drug users can cause employers to loose as much as twenty-five percent loss of salary through absenteeism, health care costs, and poor productivity.  In the past ten years, substance abuse testing has increased 1200% with companies that enforce drug testing showing a 50% decline in positive tests.

Business Owners

Do you own your business?  Have employees that are in safety sensitive positions?  Do you know that lost work time, employee theft, sickness and tardiness cost you money?  Illicit drug and alcohol use is one of the top drainers of profit in a business.

Wait a minute, I run a clean shop!  How do you know?  Are you with your employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week?  Unless you have a random drug testing program for you and your entire staff, you don't know how clean your shop is.  We gather your staff information, feed it into our computer and each month, quarter or whatever time frame you and the director agree upon, a certain percentage is pulled for randoms.  Nobody knows when, or who, but us!  It takes all the pressure off of you!  You assign a director in your company and we deal with them.  They tell the employees it is their turn for a test.

In return, you get a peace of mind knowing you have a system in place that will help keep your facility clean and make for a more safer & productive work environment for all.